From Samuel Blumenfeld’s article for Le Monde:

In the 1970s, photographer Meryl Meisler used the members of her Jewish family and their friends on Long Island, New York as models. This family album is exhibited as part of the Portrait(s) festival in Vichy.

In Meryl Meisler’s family photos, presented at the Portrait(s) festival in Vichy until September 4, one thing is obvious: the American photographer didn’t go much further than her home town of Massapequa, a hamlet located on Long Island, near New York. She didn’t need to go anywhere else to discover a unique, fantastic and visually powerful subject.

The world she has illustrated is that of her own Jewish family, with its rites and traditions, like the evening of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) that takes place, according to the rhythm of the Hebrew calendar, in September or October. It is a religious holiday: It is not a time for party accessories, costumes and excesses, but for celebrating the creation of the world.

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