From Nastasia Khmelnitski’s interview with Meryl Meisler for WÜL Magazine:

Meryl Meisler’s QUIRKYVISION will be introduced on June 24th at Le Palais des Congrès de Vichy as part of the PORTRAIT(S) Tenth Annual Festival. QUIRKYVISION is a solo exhibition that presents 50 images documenting New York in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The viewer will be immersed in the nightlife and disco parties of New York of that time, will get to see the city and its residents’ in daylight, and even take a sneak peek at Meryl’s family through her unique ‘quirky’ perspective.

The installation consists of black and white and color images relentlessly focusing on people and personal experiences, capturing Carpe Diem to the fullest and offering it as a connecting element between the narratives. As Meryl explains, “The work in QUIRKYVISION represents a range of forty-six years of my life and art career. I realize it is a visual diary — a record of people and places that captured my fascination and lifted my spirits during good and challenging times.”

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