From Graeme Green’s article for The Guardian:

Herbert Von King Park is a popular park in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, where I live. It’s a place where everyone in the neighbourhood can convene. Some work out, others walk their dogs or play basketball. Lots of people go there for a barbecue or have birthday parties for their kids. I’ve lived in Bed-Stuy since 2015 and photograph at Von King Park a lot because people are chilling out so they can usually spare a moment.

These three girls were sitting on a ledge. The one in the middle was on her phone. They’re pretty young, so I got the feeling they were excited that someone in their group had a phone. You never really know if a photo is going to work out or if the people will feel too self-conscious. But once the girl got off her phone, we spent a little time together. For me, these are always very quick exchanges. I just take two frames. I don’t want to take up people’s time, even young girls who seem to have all the time in the world. They’re there to hang out with one another, not to participate in some woman’s project.

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