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Impertinent and humorous, Meryl Meisler plunges us into a captivating city and times, 1970s and 1980s New York. Her shots celebrate disco evenings and strip-tease clubs, her Jewish family and Long Island suburb, or life in a high school in one of the roughest Brooklyn neighbourhoods. Henrike Stahl and Éric Poupy, a photographer and a designer, present an immersive installation combining photographs and drawings. The hybrid practices of this duo play at the centre and on the edge, on oneness and division, all at the same time. Their graphic, poetic images invite the onlooker to modify their point of view on photography and the world… For two years, Kourtney Roy studied the land along Highway 16 in Canada, also known as the Highway of Tears, where Indigenous women have mysteriously been disappearing for over forty years. Here she photographs a pile of undergrowth, there a service station or a solitary house, simultaneously stepping into landscape and memory.

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