From Francesco Dama’s article for Hyperallergic:

I discovered Pink Narcissus that way, almost by chance and knowing very little about it. Its story has the taste of an origin myth. The film follows the sexual dreams of a young male hustler, played by the ridiculously handsome Bobby Kendall. As in a cinematic version of a revue, Kendall sublimates the memory of a sexual encounter into a bullfight, turning himself into a toreador, a sultan, a Roman emperor and a Roman slave.

Bidgood worked on the project from 1963 to 1970 with very limited means, building set after set in his cramped Hell’s Kitchen flat, repurposing found objects and materials. He employed different lenses and extreme angles to create the illusion of depth, together with double exposures, color gels, and other basic cinematographic tricks. Scenes were heavily constructed, and featured glowing effects, artificial and hyper-saturated colors.

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