From Elyssa Goodman’s review of the Laura Stevens’s exhibition at ClampArt for InsideHook:

On the walls of ClampArt in New York, Laura Stevens’s portraits reveal beauty in places we don’t typically think to look: on the back of a neck, in the crags of an acne scar, in a patch of hair finely covering a leg, the veins in an ankle. That these visuals appear in a series of male nudes is all the more unusual.

The series, called “Him” and on view until February 26, is a study and even a reclamation of the female gaze. While the latter is a phrase that’s used so often in the context of the art world it can become tedious, it is still mostly used to describe the phenomenon of women looking at women. But Stevens found herself frustrated that said gaze had not yet turned itself to men on a large enough scale. After all, how can you really reclaim a gaze if you don’t turn it back toward the people from whom you were reclaiming it in the first place?

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