From Emily Capone’s article for Musée Magazine:

Curated by Lissa Rivera, this collection is not bombastic, nor is it light. It is exactly what it needs to be: a peek into these forbidden spaces. An example of this would be in Dickson’s paintings of pre-Guiliani Times Square sex shows. Dickson’s paintings are rough in a literal way, with the use of oil on sandpaper, and in the figurative sense, with the seductive glow that seems to emanate from behind each shadowy figure. Dickson captures a sex worker amid movement, as demonstrated in Gaitey 6, and this image of a male figure swaying in tandem with the moment that is passing between spaces appears primal. The “fear” of being admitted into a male-dominated space creates tension, yet Dickson’s interpretation of something that is seen as darkly evocative becomes an invitation into nocturnal beauty.

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