Meryl Meisler was interviewed by Dana Stirling for Float Magazine:


I think it is interesting to think about the book in connection to the time we are currently living in —a pandemic and how this city was affected by it all. Just curious to hear your opinion on this and if you think anything has changed for you and the way you think of your work and images from the past?


My number one goal of the pandemic and life is to focus on health and well-being. The pandemic was the impetus for two significant projects: building a darkroom and bringing this book to fruition. I built the darkroom to make gelatin silver prints of the work from this book for my exhibit New York PARADISE LOST Bushwick Era Disco at ClampArt.

I have returned to my analog roots, using a medium format camera with 120 film, printing and editing never-seen images from my archive, and creating new work.

Perhaps we are all a bit like Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ, waking up from a dream or nightmare, appreciating daily life and what we took for granted with appreciative fresh eyes and heart.

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