From Jessica Lanay’s interview with Michael Owunna for BOMB Magazine:

The video is less than five seconds, but from the matte darkness glints a body studded with pinpricks of light, suspended in mid-air. Behind the camera, focused and bent at the knee, is Mikael Owunna in the process of adding to his photographic series ‘Infinite Essence’ (2016–). For generations, Black thinkers have been constructing the way out of an epistemological brutality that proves deadly even to those it is meant to benefit. Race, class, gender, the implied lack of value in certain identities, and the maintenance of hierarchies are beliefs that are surely killing us. The work of Owunna is string theory via the vibratory permeability of Black ‘flesh’ (a resonance, a wavelength), and his rendering of it in light shows us how to jump quantumly back into a knowledge that has waited quietly for contraction, for return. A photographer, an engineer, and now a growing spiritual and philosophical historian of multiple African cultures, Owunna follows the future ripples of impacts past; he will meet you on the other side.

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