From Hannah Silver’s article for Wallpaper:

Eight artists have considered the multiple global crises of our era, including emergencies from Covid-19 to anti-Black violence, in a new exhibition. ‘The Horizon is Moving Nearer’, at the Portuguese Centre of Photography in Porto, juxtaposes different forms of media including film and imagery to look at topics as diverse as toxic masculinity, eco-fascism, cyber-security and Trump.

‘In one way or another they are all operating at the limits of contemporary documentary practice insofar as their projects transcend conventional narrative approaches,’ says curator Tim Clark. ‘Instead they embrace experimental structures for building a photographic body of work – non-linear storytelling and fragmentation are two devices that have been foregrounded, for instance. Questions of authorship, realism and truth, as well as the ways in which photographs are used and function as documents also come to bear too.’

The artists Lisa Barnard, Poulomi Basu, Nancy Burson, Maxime Matthys, Gideon Mendel, Simon Roberts, Salvatore Vitale and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa consider topics without attempting to resolve them, instead making links between the wider atmosphere and specific events.

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