From Christina Santucci’s article for Foto Femme United:

For Meryl Meisler, freedom in photography has a number of different meanings.

There was the freedom that came from working mainly as an independent photographer – capturing the disco era in New York City as well as documenting her time working as a teacher and taking street photos of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

But, there is also the freedom on the other end of the lens. Meisler asks the vast majority of those she photographs for their consent.

“I sense that very often people say yes because I am seeing something – something about them that I feel beautiful and uplifting and expressing a feeling of freedom of life,” she said.

Then there is the freedom in creative expression itself – and of seeing her work in new light as she prepares for her third monograph to be published and her work displayed in a solo gallery show in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

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