From Paul Sorene’s article for Flashbak:

These photographs are from Meryl Meisler’s 3rd monograph, New York PARADISE LOST Bushwick Era Disco. If you don’t know Meryl’s work, well, you should. Her photographs are quintessential New York in the 1970s-1990, evocative of the period when the kinetic city rocked with cocaine, AIDs, White Russians, poverty, bankruptcy, muggers, punk, disco, graffiti, stress, fear, crime, hip-hop, and the water stank of human waste and any body parts the city’s fabled sewer-dwelling alligators found too tough to contemplate. This was when people brave enough, lost or criminally ambitious could bone up on the city’s latest the murder rate by checking out the bodycount on an illuminated sign in dystopian Times Square.

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