From The Advocate:

Meryl Meisler’s scintillating new book, New York PARADISE LOST Bushwick Era Disco, is an intimate journey to the pandemonium and paradise of New York City in the 1970s to early 1990s. Meryl documented a tumultuous time in NYC’s history—epidemics of arson, crime, crack, and AIDS, intensified by a paralyzing blackout, political and fiscal crisis. Frequenting Manhattan’s legendary discos that arose amongst disorder, she captured hedonistic havens, celebrities, and revelers of the night. In contrast, daylight revealed the beauty of those who loved and thrived in burnt-out Bushwick, where she was a public school art teacher who photographed what she saw. Her effervescent images are personal memoir—love letters filled with compassion and humor mixed with angst, kept secret for decades until she retired from teaching.

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