From Kelsey Sucena’s interview with artist Mariette Pathy Allen for Float Magazine as they discuss Allen’s lifelong pursuit of photographing the transgender community:

KS: “Did you feel any reservation or hesitation before you began this work?”

MPA: “As I discovered that I had a place in this hidden world, I became convinced that I had to do what I was doing, that I could make a difference both for the people I photographed, and for those who knew nothing about gender variant people beyond the usual prejudices. I was determined then and now.

“People thought I was making sacrifices photographing a subject that was of little interest to most of the world. Gallery owners and publishers felt that this subject matter wouldn’t sell. I heard all of that, and it saddened me but I continued to be convinced that what I was doing was really important. I am happy that what I’ve done has made a difference in people’s lives.”

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