From a conversation between Joseph Desler Costa and Metronom for Generazione Critica:

Film and video have always been an important part of my practice. The moving and the still image are inextricably linked. From Muybridge’s early movement studies, to contemporary imaging technologies that allow most cameras and telephones the ability to shoot both stills and video, the already fine line separating the two mediums has never been less defined. As a student, I studied filmmaking at EICTV in Cuba and was very interested in the moving image for its narrative potential. Then when I first moved to New York City, while working as an assistant for the artist Josephine Meckseeper, I started to develop a less rigid grasp of film and video. Working as a video editor with Meckseeper, I began to understand and to use moving image as an extension of still image-making and vice-versa. I realized a potential in video art outside of the normal parameters I was accustomed to working within. It was very liberating and allowed me a more seamless cross-over of ideas and projects between still photographic work and video work.

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