From curatorial director Gemma Rolls-Bentley for Artsy:

For the last 50 years, Pride, a global celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, has traditionally been marked by marches, festivals, and cultural events around the world. This year, the majority of those events will be canceled, postponed, or reimagined online. As the queer community explores alternative means of expression to mark Pride 2020, Artsy launches a new collection of artworks that express queer love, accompanied by an editorial feature on 14 of the featured artists.

Artsy’s curatorial director Gemma Rolls-Bentley brings together works that explore queer love in its many crucial iterations: from romantic love and desire, to self-love, to the love that bonds queer friendships, families, and communities. These artworks serve a critical role in providing points of reference, identification, and inspiration for both the queer community and society at large. They also advocate for change: Pride was born out of demand for equal rights that queer communities still fight for around the world. 

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