From the article by Katy Cowan for Creative Boom:

Lori Nix told Creative Boom: “For the last eight years my photographs have highlighted a fictional urban landscape ‘after’. An aquarium after a flood, a church after a fire, a beauty parlour after – who knows what. Humanity is gone and what remains are vacant fragments of buildings, a few slowly being reclaimed by nature. These photos began their lives as complex dioramas sculpted out of foam board, paint, plaster and wood. Built in great detail from scratch, the scenarios reflect their previous inhabitants’ daily lives.”


Kathleen adds: “We do not strictly define what has taken place in the photographs. Clearly, we have a general theme – something catastrophic has happened, humanity is gone, all that is left are empty buildings and abandoned landscapes – but the details as to what actually occurred are purposely left fuzzy. That allows the viewer to bring in their own ideas (or fears) as to what happened. The fact that it is an image of a model and not a real place can make it easier for viewers to place themselves into the scene and imagine what may have led up to this point.”

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