From the review by Ron Scott for the Detroit Art Review:

Oakland University Art Gallery opened its fall exhibition schedule with “Your Very Own Paradise,” artwork from far and wide with oil paintings, photographs, and sculptures on September 7, 2019. Based on a curatorial premise that perception is reality, Director of the OUAG Gallery, Dick Goody, brings together thirteen artists whose ‘very own paradise’ differs significantly in expansive motifs and varying types of personal identity.


For a city dweller, buildings are his paradise, both in structure and composition. Marc Yankus is a photographer, and from his series, “The Secret Lives of Buildings: Tinsmith,” he captures an incredible pallet of light, shape, and color. His architectural detail of these facades, always formally placed, without the presence of people, is quiet and an ethereal slice of New York City that takes on a personality. He says in his statement, “I have walked by these buildings every day for the last 20 years.”

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