From the article by Aline Smithson for Lenscratch:

It’s a rare day in New York City when the traffic–pedestrian and vehicle–allows for the city’s architecture to be on full display. Fortunately for us, photographer Marc Yankus helps us celebrate the majesty of more than a century of urban architecture, with his series, New York Unseen. Marc recently opened an exhibition at ClampArt in New York that will run through November 16th, 2019. The exhibition at ClampArt coincides with a solo show of his work at Grand Central Terminal. Organized by MTA Arts and Design, the exhibition is titled Landmark City, and will be on display in the lower level Dining Concourse through July 2020. He also has an exhibition, Your Very Own Paradise, on view until November 24, 2019, at the Oakland University Art Gallery, in Rochester, Michigan.

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