From the post by Kala Barba-Court for PLAIN Magazine:

In New York Unseen, artist Marc Yankus offers us a glimpse of the city that never sleeps devoid of people and activity, his images distilled to a single element – the architecture.

Using a unique form of digital collage, Yankus presents the iconic, lost and forgotten structures of New York City in surprising, surreal tableaus. Subtly altered, brimming in detail or hazy in abstraction, or set in a familiar landscape or invented space, he maps out an architectural landscape that hovers somewhere between fiction and documentation. This immortalisation of what ranges from humble buildings to towering skyscrapers aim to honor and acknowledge their enduring presence while exploring themes of altered perception, reality and past preservation. By muting out any visual distractions, Yankus shows them in their purest forms, their essence highlighted, forcing us to see them as if for the first time.

“While I can never hope to capture all of the city’s 1.053,000-odd buildings, I do hope to bring dozens of the very finest to life – even if they are among the most forgotten, frayed or overlooked,” he shares. “Through this, more people just might see an alternate universe right in front of them, one that is very beautiful and otherworldly.”

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