From the article by Francesca Magnani for Artribune [translated from Italian]:

The artist […] continues to explain his procedure which would be reductive to attribute to post-production, here is a mosaic of images and sensations, like the leaves of the tree of Funes El Memorioso:

“One day, while I was going to the museum, I was horrified to see the workers knock down one of my favorite buildings, a beaux-arts style apartment building on 79th Street. In the following months, a monstrous tower rose in its place. And while that ugliness is still standing today, the lost building – disappeared for forty years now – remains in my memory, a faded and lyrical postcard of a lost time and place. In these images I try to document the iconic, lost and forgotten architecture of New York, whether they are humble little buildings or towering skyscrapers – through a form of surreal architectural photography. With a unique digital collage method, I try to silence part of the visual noise that can distract the viewers from the essential beauty. and at the same time I accompany them in seeing their city with new eyes. This series presents a subtle, surreal alteration of the architectural landscape found in New York City, in a meeting point between imagination and documentation.[…]”

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