PDN Editor Holly Hughes listed Marc Yankus and Isa Leshko’s upcoming exhibitions among the “Must-See Exhibitions in NYC During PHOTOPLUS 2019” for the PDNPULSE blog:

Need a break from New York City’s bustling sidewalks? In “New York Unseen,” Marc Yankus shows New York City’s architecture in a quietly contemplative way. His post production removes the hustle and bustle of city life, distilling the buildings’ forms and rendering them in a way that resembles architectural sketches. ClampArt is also showing images from Isa Leshko’s book and series “Allowed to Grow Old.” For nearly a decade, Leshko has made black-and-white portraits of geriatric animals who, having been rescued from factory farms, are allowed to reach their old age with dignity and in comfort.

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Browse the exhibition “Marc Yankus: New York Unseen” at ClampArt
Browse the exhibition “Isa Leshko: Allowed to Grow Old” at ClampArt