From Sarah Colburn’s article for the St. Cloud Times:

Award-winning artist and photographer Michael Crouser is displaying his work in a local exhibit titled “Mountain Ranch: Traditional Images of Traditional Lives.”

The exhibit is on display in the Alice R. Rogers Gallery and the Target Gallery at St. John’s University, of which Crouser is an alum.

“You see the timelessness of those tasks that are associated with ranching such as the gathering of the hay, the mending of fences, the branding of livestock and the herding of livestock,” said Jill Dubbeldee Kuhn, gallery manager.

Crouser’s work stands alone as he brings to life images using a silver-toned gelatin process. The authenticity of his work can be attributed to the relationships he created with the rancher families featured in the exhibit, Dubbeldee Kuhn said.

“(His method) brings a sophistication that captures the isolation of big sky, big land and the ranching families,” Kuhn said. “Though there’s a solitariness in some of the tasks[.] There’s also a great sense of family and community as well.”

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