Sherri Littlefield writes about Lissa Rivera for “Rule Breakers” at Don’t Take Pictures:

I never want to see another staged picture of a nonconforming couple again. It isn’t that I don’t support non-binary persons or relationships, rather because I find most photographs commenting on this topic disingenuous. I receive a lot of work from artists who believe they’re pushing the envelope with sexuality and intimacy. All too often, the work is gratuitous and void of genuine content.

Enter the relationship between photographer Lissa Rivera and her “beautiful boy,” B.J. The images of her partner are undeniably beautiful; even the most conservative critic couldn’t deny their compositional beauty. There’s nothing shocking about the work—quite the opposite actually. The photographs are cinematic, classic, and calming. The work isn’t exaggerating a romance, rather documenting the increasing intimacy between them.

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