From the interview with Robert Calafiore for The HAND Magazine:

RC: I am most interested in making work that actively seeks to converse with others. The most exciting moment for me, is when the viewers react and find themselves in the work. So in other words, once the audience engages, the rewarding part, and what motivates me further, is to hear how each of them connects to it in their own way. As with all of us, when experiencing artworks, we come at it with our personal filters, interests, baggage, bias, history and more. It’s not so critical for me that the audience walks away with my exact story, but instead finds their own relationship to the work. Those conversations lead to more thinking, making and then yet again, further responses to new work. It’s a cycle that keeps us going until the very end. Success for me is when the work can solicit a wide variety of reactions. There is so much to be learned from those diverse responses.

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