From the article by Meryl Meisler for Vice:

This weekend, New York City looked and felt like the LGBTQ capital of the world. Fifty years after the Stonewall Riots, Stonewall 50 and World Pride flourished in the heart and soul of the city, bringing tens of thousands of LGBTQ folks and allies from across the country and beyond to celebrate this momentous anniversary.

Yesterday, the inaugural Queer Liberation March kicked off in the morning, with the NYC Pride March continuing in the afternoon. The Queer Liberation March intentionally avoided corporate sponsorship and police involvement—although, unsurprisingly, there were still some police present—and followed the route of 1970’s original Christopher Street Liberation Day March, the start of NYC Pride, beginning in the Village and culminating in Central Park. Chants of “Riot, riot, riot! We will not be quiet!” and signs that read AIDS IS NOT OVER served as reminders that the purposeful seeds of the Stonewall Riots need to be continuously nurtured for survival.

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