From the blog post by Laura Stevens for Photolucida:

I have just returned from the CAMPO AIR residency, which I was awarded from Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2018, and am full of appreciation for the opportunity I was given. It was the first time in my artistic career that I had been offered the chance to spend a month uninterrupted, with no expectations attached, purely to devote to reflection and creation.

CAMPO AIR is an inspiring initiative founded by the artist Heidi Lender to provide a place where art, writing and good ideas can flourish. Heidi is developing a creative colony in the Pueblo Garzon in the deep countryside of Uruguay, with cabins, artist studios, an exhibition space, a clubhouse, a food lab and organic gardens in this beautiful rural landscape. Being part of the first residency at CAMPO AIR, the artists were provided with houses and studio space in the village itself whilst the project progresses. My home, which I shared with another artist, had recently been donated to the foundation and was newly renovated, full of rustic charm and comfort, with a large studio attached for me to work in – a rare treat for one confined to Paris-apartment sized spaces.

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