From Brigit Katz’s article for tenderly:

With deep, soulful eyes, the 19-year-old Holstein cow stares out from the pages of Allowed to Grow Old, a collection of photographs of elderly farm animals. His name was Valentino. He had dark hair, with a tufty patch of white running down the top of his head. He loved carrots. And he forever changed the life of Isa Leshko, the woman behind the camera.

Leshko met Valentino at a California sanctuary in November 2011. By that point, she was several years into a project that had seen her take dramatic portraits of rescued farm animals as they entered the last stage of their lives. She had spent hour upon hour with aging horses, and pigs, and sheep and turkeys, many of them survivors of violent pasts. But when Valentino lumbered into Leshko’s world, she melted.

“His tongue was sandpapery like my cats’ tongues,” Leshko recalls.

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