From the post at Musée Magazine:

The Young Series is a collection of portraits of teenagers in New York City, O’ahu, Hawaii, and Tokyo, Japan. Made in three disparate island locations, the series is another manifestation of my interest in making connections with and within humanity. By placing certain images next to one another, viewers are invited to discover visual patterns of teen culture through this particular cross-section of the globe. One of my favorite population pools, teenagers are especially vivid in front of the camera: raw adults, their at-once extreme vulnerability and confidence has always transfixed me. The fact that they have such a strong relationship to the camera just adds another layer of intrigue into their psyche. How do they want us to see them? They are in such a state of flux, much of the teen years are spent trying on a variety of identities. This series captures them at a distinct moment of time within a span of butterfly years.

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