From Jacqui Palumbo’s article about Amy Touchette:

Touchette has taken street photos around her home city, as well as in Mexico, Italy, Vietnam, Japan, and the American South, among many other places; they’ve been published by the New York Times, the New York Observer, and BuzzFeed. She enjoys both the “slow, deliberate experience” of shooting with the medium-format Rolleiflex, which only has 12 frames per roll, as well as the “cavalier” abandon of shooting with a camera phone. Touchette’s film images make up several bodies of work, including “The Young Series,” portraits of teenagers in New York City, O’ahu, Hawaii, and Tokyo, which will be on view at Purdue University from February 18th to March 22nd. Meanwhile, her mobile images are part of an ongoing Instagram series, “Street Dailies,” which she began in 2012 around New York City, and which highlights the universality of the human experience.

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