From Cat Lachowskyj’s interview with Rafael Soldi for LensCulture:

LC: In your current exhibitions, you pair these portraits with the series Cargamontón. You mentioned your disinterest in aggression when you were younger, and your growing up in an all-boys’ school, which has a direct relationship to this work. How did the idea for this other project come about, and what is it about exactly?

RS: It was all a bit of a process. I was in a slump where I wasn’t making new work for a few years. I’ve learned to not put pressure on myself in that regard, but in the few years—maybe even since Trump was elected—the environment in the US has put a lot of fire under many creative minds to use our voices and talk about things that are important to us. The world of Cargamontón was something I had been thinking about a lot. The Imagined Futures piece with my eyes closed was the first work I ever made that directly addresses my relationship to Peru, and it’s a relationship that I’ve been waiting almost 15 years to talk about in my work—I just never felt ready.

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