From Tanja M. Laden’s article for Vice [originally posted at Creators]:

Iceland is a mystical, snow-studded wonderland where cold winds dance with hot springs and the Northern Lights are as awe-inspiring as they are unpredictable. It’s not the country’s idyllic scenery that first attracted Nick Turner, though. Rather than capturing Iceland’s natural beauty in the form of volcanos, geysers, and glaciers, the artist chose to turn his lens on its wildlife, documenting his fascination with Iceland’s horse population in a series of salient photographs that have him literally running naked among the beasts.

“I think there’s a misunderstanding about the work,” Turner tells Creators. “It’s not me just running wild with horses naked, or anything like that. Far from it, actually. I’m trying to project this idea of running with them and being in that world because that’s the dialogue I am having. I think man has a lot of primal, animal-like instincts.”

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