From Michael Abatemarco’s article for Pasatiempo, The Santa Fe New Mexican::

The falling of darkness brings with it mystery, ambiguity, and uncertainty. It impacts perceptions, causing us to question the corporeality of even our most immediate surroundings. Conversely, nighttime creates intimacy, anchoring us to what is knowable within the limited range of vision afforded us under its enveloping shroud. At the New Mexico Museum of Art, four photographers — Christopher Colville, Scott B. Davis, Michael Lundgren, and Ken Rosenthal — present their visions of the nighttime world in Shots in the Dark.

The exhibition, organized by photography curator Kate Ware, is the counterpart to Wait Until Dark, a show of nocturnes from the museum’s collection that opened in November. But where Wait Until Dark presents a number of works depicting nighttime activities, Shots in the Dark is focused almost exclusively on the impressionistic and intuitive aspects of the state of darkness. According to Ware, there is no real theme beyond that, except that all of the photographers are working with nightscapes or with imagery that evokes nightscapes. Shots in the Dark opens Saturday, Dec. 15, in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition Carved & Cast: 20th Century New Mexican Sculpture.

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