From Hamidah Glasgow’s Q&A with Rafael Soldi at Strange Fire:

HG: Tell me about the work that you are making regarding immigration?

RS: Immigration is a core part of my identity, and as such, a core theme in my work. Only recently though—perhaps in response to Donald Trump’s presidency—has it become a more explicit exploration in my work. Recently I completed a new piece titled Imagined Futures, this 14-ft long installation is comprised of 50 seemingly identical self portraits. This work addresses a timeless concern that is universal to all immigrants. How do we grieve the life we left behind in order to live this one? What do we do with these haunting visions and questions about the lives we left behind? For two years I used analog photo booths to capture the loss of imagined futures, bidding each farewell in a private ritual. Each passport-sized photograph invites an intimate viewing experience, which blurs as one steps away to reflect on the larger grid.The photo booth acts as a picture-making apparatus that contains the entirety of my body, a small stage for a monumental performance both private and public all at once, captured once, one of a kind.

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