From Aimee Baldridge’s article spotlighting Jill Greenberg’s project “Feminist Pigs” for PDN Studio + Equipment Guide 2018:

The Project: It was back in 1990 that Jill Greenberg first came up with the idea for a story about a gang of feminist vigilantes meting out justice to men who had violated them. Greenberg built her career as a prominent portraitist and commercial photographer while the concept languished on her rainy-day list, until one day, in 2016, she decided it was time to pull the trigger. She chipped away at a script over the next year, then shifted into warp speed and booked a day at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood to produce it as a photo roman called Feminist Pigs. The nal project, due this fall, will be presented in an animated motion format and book expected to include roughly 1,000 photographs.

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