From the interview with Lissa Rivera and BJ Lillis at The Reservoir:

A little over two years ago, ‘The Ones We Love’ invited us to interview each other. Although we had already been working on the project together for over a year at that point, we were only just beginning to share the work publicly. Unaware of how exactly the work would be looked at or received, we discussed the ways that taking photographs together had transformed our relationships to ourselves and to each other. In the years since, the work has been shown around the world and written about in dozens of publications. Together and separately, we have engaged in thousands of conversations, with friends, family, and the wider public, over dinner or on stage. At the same time, we have continued to take photos, adding a wide range of new photographs and ideas to our original body of work. In the end, however, our core concerns have not changed: we continue to step-inside the images that we find most alluring, to examine what it is like to live each scenario out, and to explore the interstices between boy and girl, man and woman—as well as the pleasures and perils of looking and being looked at.

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