From Elin Spring’s review of The Photography Show for What Will You Remember?:

Heads spinning, we just returned from The Photography Show presented by AIPAD in NYC. This annual magnet draws voracious hunters and collectors, writers and artists of all stripes to gallery-sponsored booths filled with dazzling photographic trends and ancient treasures. Adding equally to our enrichment and distraction were three themed special exhibitions (stay tuned for Suzanne’s review of the remarkable “Forever Young: Selections from the Joe Baio Collection of Photography” tomorrow), PhotoBook section, AIPAD Talks, a short-film screening room, and myriad hosted events throughout the capacious halls of Pier 94. It is exhilarating. It is exhausting. It leaves heavenly afterimages floating from consciousness to dreams and back. Our journey concentrated on the latest emerging artists and work. Here is a selection of images that we found unforgettable and had to share.

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