From Aline Smithson’s review at Lenscratch:

Like most of us, photographic artist Rafael Soldi is on a journey. His long considered project, Life Stand Still Here, is a multi-approached exploration of self, resulting in a conceptual series of artistic examinations that include self-portraiture, portraiture, seascapes, and ephemera. His work documents identity, memory, history, and emotion and speaks to the continuing desire for self definition. Rafael states, “Inspired by the writings of Virginia Woolf, I am interested in the elusive abstract space within us that defines the core of our psyche.” This project does not narrate his life, instead it focuses on the internal, with work that is metaphorical and dark–so dark that some of the photographs feel solarized and other worldly. It’s a project that steps outside the lines and allows for the work to be as varied as life itself.

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