From Jon Feinstein’s interview with Rafael Soldi for In the In-Between:

For nearly five years, Peruvian-born, Seattle-based artist Rafael Soldi has transformed loss and uncertainty into a profound, sometimes abstract photography series Life Stand Still Here. It branched from an earlier project based on a sudden breakup and evolved into a murky succession of images that connect Soldi’s deeply personal moments with grander, more universal struggles. Using a range of techniques including still life, abstraction, and a large-scale grid of photobooth portraits, Soldi asks viewers to consider the connection between his experiences and their own.

Life Stand Still Here is, in Soldi’s words, “a tool to process personal trauma, immigration, childhood, recurring dreams, spirituality, and the human condition.” In advance of his first New York City solo exhibition opening Thursday, March 29th at ClampArt, we spoke to discuss the pain, process, and symbolism in his work.

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