From Elizabeth Renstrom’s interview with photographers Manjari Sharma and Irina Rozovsky regarding “Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations Between Artists” for Vice:

[Sharma]: We had a five-month-long project that literally circled the idea of birth, with a loose plan to visually depict the chaos and the beauty of bearing new life. The best part was that the only tool to be used was the ever present camera phone. I was very comfortable photographing my family actually, especially because the body of work that came out of it was 61 images that are a time stamped portrait of my family. Where my clan awaits and prepares for the arrival of their newest crew member. We also see what other formative, critical and banal events unfold in the world around us. I think I want the viewer to find a reflection of their own relationships to humanity in there. And while it’s not important that they recognize who the cast of characters pictured are, it is I’m hoping evident how intimate these relationships are, like layers of an onion or like a spool coming undone picture by picture.

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