From Adam Lehrer’s article for Forbes:

Artist, photographer and curator Lissa Rivera has had quite the year. She has established herself as a curatorial presence to be reckoned with in her work at the Museum of Sex, and in particular, the exhibitions she curated ‘NSFW: Female Gaze,’ chronicling the radical erotic art being made by contemporary female artists, and Canon, an exhibition of portraits by Peru native Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo and American-born Andrew Mroczek documenting transgendered Peruvians who live under the Catholically repressed society. She has helped usher in the Museum of Sex an art museum with a specific lens but broad focus.

She has also seen the explosion of her own photography career by traveling her body of work ‘Beautiful Boy.’ The body of portraits showed at ClampArt earlier this year and has since been touring various institutions. The story behind the elegantly composed color images is now legend. Rivera’s partner, BJ, shared with her that he preferred wearing female clothing. They then set out to document this side of BJ in these photographs. The project emphasizes the layered simplicity of photographic portraiture. By exploring the multitudes in his own gender identity in these photographs, BJ allows Rivera to subvert traditional notions of the artist muse relationship. Instead of a male photographer and a female muse, Rivera presents a female photographer and a gender non-conforming muse. This is photography explicitly working as a means of identity exploration.

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