Adam Ekberg, A disco ball on the mountain
A Disco Ball on the Mountain
Adam Ekberg, Arrangement #1
Arrangement #1
Adam Ekberg, Abberation #8
Aberration #8
Adam Ekberg, A Camera in the Forest
A Camera in the Forest
Adam Ekberg, A Sparkler on a Frozen Lake
A Sparkler on a Frozen Lake
Adam Ekberg, Arrangement #2
Arrangement #2
Pineapple and disco ball
Pineapple and Disco Ball
Bic lighters
Bic Lighters, Beer Bottle, Flashlight and Cocktail Umbrellas
Shadow and eye
Shadow and Eye
Balloons in a Room
Balloons in a Room
A room filled with Bic lighters and cocktail umbrellas
A Room Filled with Bic Lighters and Cocktail Umbrellas
Balloon and disco ball
Balloons and Disco Ball
Saturday Night
Saturday Night
Aberration #15
Aberration #15
Sunset in my aprtment
The Sunset in my Apartment
Work by Adam Ekberg