From the article and interview with Lissa Rivera at The Art Gorgeous:

In the art world, we still can’t get enough of the relationship between an artist and muse. From Pablo Picasso or Andy Warhol to John Currin – they all had these out-of-this-world women to inspire their creations and not seldom, they had an affair. Mostly, we talk about male artists having female muses, but photographer Lissa Rivera breaks up with this tradition and her own muse is her genderqueer boyfriend, BJ.

The idea for a series of works called “Beautiful Boy” was also developed, rather unconventionally – in the subway, where BJ revealed to Lissa that he wore dresses at home, though was struggling to find expression outside in a world often hostile to male displays of feminity. They fell in love with the idea to start this project as an experiment and in the end also fell in love with each other.

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