From Elin Spring’s blog post at What Will You Remember? concerning the exhibition “The Curated Fridge”:

Brainchild of photographer and boutique gallerist Yorgos Efthymiadis, invited “Refridgecurators” sift through hundreds of entries from all over the country four times a year to produce a very tightly edited exhibit on, yes, a refrigerator, ordinarily located in Somerville. The public crowds into each festive opening, but it’s undeniably off the beaten track. That’s why you should make tracks to the hub and take in the most recent Fridge, curated by Brian Paul Clamp – owner of ClampArt in NYC – to see the themed show “Identity”. But wait, there’s more! There are facsimiles of the other three “open call” Fridges from 2017, curated by me, Danforth Art Museum senior curator Jessica Roscio and Gallery Kayafas owner Arlette Kayafas. And wait, there’s still more! There is yet another facsimile of a Fridge at the gallery and it is naked – waiting for your photograph.

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