From Elin Spring’s review of “Deep in a Dream: New York City” for What Will You Remember?:

Michael Massaia’s “Deep in a Dream: New York City” depicts Central Park in a visually and metaphorically unique light at ClampArt through November 25th, 2017. Wandering the vacant park in the hours just before dawn, Massaia makes long exposures with B&W film and a large format camera, then prints oversized, toned gelatin silver photographs in his customized darkroom to create images as mysterious and stirring as they are unusual. Massaia’s photographs are filled with pathways and bridges, as if possessed by a ghostly, searching soul who is enjoined by silhouetted trees with spidery branches, serenaded by the looming city beyond. But they aren’t cold or scary. To the contrary, the exquisite detail and luminous glow in Massaia’s photographs make Central Park appear like a magical still-life, at once fantastical and real, awe-inspiring and intimate.

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