From the article at Blouin Artinfo about “Screaming in the Streets: AIDS, Art, Activism”:

Being held in association with new archival and curatorial service Ward 5B at its launch, the exhibition recalls a generation of artists, who got wiped away by the AIDS epidemic in the US, through the disease itself, or at the backlash of societal persecution. By 1995, there were an estimated 48,371 yearly casualties recorded related to AIDS, which triggered a series of artistic and activist responses marked by intergenerational, communal, as well as individual associations. Radical spaces such as the Pyramid Club, PS 122, Danceteria, boybar, s.n.a.f.u., Crisco Disco, Gaiety Theatre, The Club Baths, and other venues became contradictory under the impact of this deadly disease, as they were deemed as “safe zones” for the queer community, but also became a hotbed for the virus through the contact among individuals. Amidst this unique situation, a generation of AIDS activists came forth, who were all connected by art, but also rooted in the historically radical politics and culture of New York City.

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