From Madeleine Leddy’s review of “Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations at The Met” for Musée Magazine:

Perhaps one of the most visually striking conversations is Manjari Sharma and Irina Rozovsky’s, whose cellphone snaps have been printed on 8-by-11 sheets and arranged like a continuous Instagram grid the entire length of one of the exhibition room’s walls. Not only do their shots adhere to what appears as a curated scheme of soft, warm colors; they also document the artists’ parallel pregnancies, each having discovered either just before or just after their agreement to participate in the Met’s project that they were expecting. Interestingly, a stretch along the middle of their dialogue-wall consists of mutually-inspired photos taken in dusky, sunset-hour light; it comes across as a (possibly unintentional) expression of the end of an era—that of single-bodiedness, pre-motherhood—and segues into a section of photos taken in morning and daylight. They seem to remind us that two fresh pairs of eyes are about to see the light of day, and it makes for a slow and sleepy reflection on the passage of time.

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