From Sarah Coleman’s interview with Manjari Sharma and Irina Rozovsky regarding “Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations at The Met” for the literate lens:

LL: Did the fact that you were both pregnant during the 2016 election influence your visual conversation?

IR: I think it was responsible for the outside/inside elements in the images. We have this little mystery about the outside collapsing, because with pregnancy, there’s always the question of, what am I doing bringing another person into this mess? At the same time, it’s the most sacred process.

MS: It’s so true, I feel like it was really an incredible synchronicity. Inside, things were getting more complex—I was physically getting bigger, and outside, the noise and turbulence were getting larger. I grew, the baby grew and the tensions grew. This project is about a stream of consciousness: there was so much that was happening so quickly that it felt like a constant cycle of birth and death, birth and death. One of us would send an image of something precious and beautiful, and the other one would volley back with something falling apart.

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