From Roberta Smith’s review of “Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations Bet” for The New York Times:

Some of the best conversations are carefully structured from the start. Most classically cameracentric is that between the photographers Manjari Sharma and her invitee, Irina Rozovsky. The two opted for a strict call-and-response process, an image-for-image swap. Their collaboration has an unusual poetic and visual logic and a diptychlike orderliness. Also an unexpected depth: Both artists were pregnant, their babies due three weeks apart. They record their swelling bellies and, toward the end, we see Ms. Sharma’s placenta. Ms. Rozovsky’s final comment shows two orbs — a giant close-up of her right eye nearly touching the head of her sleeping infant — and has an intensity worthy of Odilon Redon or Philip Guston. Ms. Sharma counters with gritty reality: We see her in the delivery room, cradling her newborn, weeping.

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