From Matthew Sancho Cardiel’s article “The Metropolitan opens its doors to photos made with mobile” for El Pais:

Since a decade ago the mobile phone became the camera of most of the population, the curator of the corresponding department of the Metropolitan Museum of New York , Mia Fineman, wanted to make an exhibition with these images taken between text messages and text message. “I wanted to do something with it, although it took me some time to think about how to do it and see the perspective to emphasize what is relevant,” the curator told El Pais.

The Snapchat application boom, with its images that self-destruct in 24 hours, was what gave the definitive push to the curator and, between November of the last year and April of the present, it asked to twelve artists of the five continents and tanned In different genres that converse in pairs through images taken with their smartphones. “I finally found this idea of ​​the dialogue, because of the way this application has made the images are the protagonists of the conversation, speak. Not that they are something that will be on the web forever, but something that you want to say to someone at that moment and then disappears. ”

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